by Cole Bee Wilson

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this album was recorded by Evan Kaspar March 20th 2011, on my 26th birthday. listen closely for the muted sounds of my zebra finches "Rocko" & "Bev"


released March 25, 2011

Recorded and Mixed by Evan Kaspar



all rights reserved
Track Name: yellow lavender
yellow lavender flowers bloom
outside of my middle window
bamboo stalks and their shadows walk
all across the walls of my room
and the lights from the passing cars
look like ghosts as they move through the dark
oh baby, they're so amazing

lets find a whole brand new way
to start living our lives like a tree
like a cloud like a mountain
i don't want to be a lost pair of empty hands
reaching out blind in the dark
but the light of our glowing hearts
that look like ghosts as they move through the dark
oh baby, they're so amazing
Track Name: creatures
there, down by the well
i saw a murderer
murdering a girl
maybe seventeen
her light blue dress
bright red with blood
oh the nightmare

deep in the cupboard
of a young mans secrets
i can see the devil
in a veil of smoke
the laughter of a dragon
may be poisonous
the love that started tender
growing treacherous
oh the nightmare
Track Name: killer whale
well the sun comes up
and the sun goes down
i'll bury your body
in the cold cold ground
i think about the time
you spoke to me in
the voice of a killer whale

i'll carry the days
with a head hung low
and watch as all of your
grandbabies grow
and think about the love
that they will never know
and it kills me

"daddy don't cry"
they'll say
"it aint gonna hurt
so bad someday"

so i smile a crooked smile
and i do my best to sing
in the voice of a killer whale