Bath House I

from by Cole Bee Wilson

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There is some contention among modern historians as to why it was Hannibal marched to Capua instead of Rome after his success at the battle of Cannae. One group believes it was Hannibal's commitment to his original plan of inspiring Romes neighbors to defect and join his cause.

Another school of thought believes that Hannibal was so shaken by the loss of life at the battle of Cannae that his entire resolve was shaken and that a greater sense of empathy and Humanity was stirred in him.

To show proof of it's allegiance, the City of Capua gathered up all of it's Roman citizens and locked them in a bath house, and stopped up all of the airflow so as to suffocate them.

Hannibal recalls a vision he had where he was visited by a deity who prophesied Hannibal would bring devastation to the world.


They gathered up all of the men in the bath house
and kept the doors locked until no one was breathing

to show us that they had no love for the source of the blood
in which all of our bodies were covered

I had a dream that the ghost of a child
God in his voice in the way he was glowing
Said follow but do not look over your shoulder but
mortal I could not resist the temptation I saw

A serpent came down from the clouds
and it swallowed the life from the world
leaving wild bloody rivers
and thunderbolts fell all around him
turning the rest of the world into ashes and cinder

Oh my God
what have I done

The city opened up it's gates
I wiped the blood I wiped the tear
from my face


from H. THUNDERBOLT, released March 1, 2016



all rights reserved