Between their Bones

from by Cole Bee Wilson

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Hannibal has emerged from the mountains and joined forces with the Gauls. Rome is nearly defensely as all of their forces have been stationed in Sardinia, Sicily and along the Italian coast. A small army of untrained men is organized and taken north by Scippio the elder to confront the invaders. Both forces make camp across from one another with the river Trebia dividing them.

Deep in the night Hannibal has his men stoke enormous bonfires around which the men coat themselves in animal fat and cook themselves in the heat, they then wrap themselves in hides and the army buries itself in the snow of the plain between them and the Romans.

Hannibal hides a portion of his cavalry in the thickets of the river, his elephants in the foot hills and they wait for dawn.

In the Roman camp, it is said that a wolf broke in and murdered many men in their sleep, a terrible omen for the children of Romulus and Remus. Many Gauls being forced to fight for the Romans, defect under the cover of darkness, bringing with them the heads of Roman soldiers to show their true allegiance.

At daybreak, Hannibal stormed the Roman camp creating a skirmish. After a brief moment of fighting Hannibal's forces turned in retreat, and the young army of Romans pursued them, half dressed, half armed and having eaten nothing. Hannibal charged back over the river trebia and the Romans followed. At this point the Roman soldiers were now tired, cold and hungry and then, very suddenly, Hannibal's full army emerged from the snow in a crescent moon shape, confronting the Romans from the front and flanks, and as these young frozen Romans turned to flee they found themselves surrounded by Hannibal's cavalry and elephants who emerged from hiding.

Save for the Roman Vanguard, under the command of Scippio the younger who daringly saved his father from the field, there were no survivors.


Rubbed in oil dressed in snow
see they can scarcely carry bows and arrows
the first ones pass but we will let them go
wait still my breathing stones

No I do not need to break your bodies down
but your a wall of flesh and bones
and that's all to me
you're just a wall that's come between
what I have
and what I need

To set my fathers restless spirit free
see I took an oath in blood so long ago
and now I'm a stones throw
from bringing that promise home


Go now and greet your enemy
and do your best to set his spirit free
wrap your arms around the sons of Rome
and find the soft between their bones


from H. THUNDERBOLT, released March 1, 2016



all rights reserved