From a Burning Bed

from by Cole Bee Wilson

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The contention myth between Carthage and Rome, which is the love story of Queen Dido and Prince Aeneas. Fleeing the fall of Troy, Aeneas sought refuge in Dido's new Kingdom. They fell happily in love for the extent of a year, then Zeus sent Hermes in a dream to tell Aeneas he could no longer stay, that his destiny was to found the greatest nation the world had ever known. Aeneas awoke and did not have the heart or courage to tell Dido he was leaving, and so fled. In the morning, Dido awoke to see Aeneas' ships disappearing over the horizon. In her grief and rage, she had her servants gather everything that she and Aeneas had shared as lovers and had them piled high at the tallest point in her kingdom, crowned with the bed they shared as lovers. Dido climbed this tower of forsaken love, covered herself in sacred oils and set herself on fire. As she burned she begged the Gods to place a curse on the peoples of Carthage and Rome so that they might always be enemies to one another.


A curse
on both our houses
I'm gonna burn


from H. THUNDERBOLT, released March 1, 2016



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